Thanks for visiting this page.  If you have arrived here, let me share a bit more about myself.  First, my husband Steve and I have been married for ten years, and we live in Decatur (quite a trek to/from CHS!).  Our only children are of the four-legged variety: We both LOVE  dogs.  I, myself, especially love borders collies and Australian shepherds--but, really, all dogs make me happy.  Pictured here is our current dog, Ned.  Ned “scratches my itch” because he is both a border collie and an Aussie...and some Great Pyrenees thrown in for good measure! 


In my free time, I enjoy listening to music (especially live), decorating (and re-decorating), watching “reality” television (Bachelor/Bachelorette and Southern Charm are my favorites), traveling, and exploring all things "paper-related" (e.g., pens, stationery, paper crafts).